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Sandra White

Sandra Davidson, Qualifying Broker


I have been in the real estate profession for 12 years.  Most of my experience is in the residential and unimproved land market with some commercial experience.  With the declining real estate market, I have focused on the foreclosure and pre-foreclosure market.    I have learned through my experiences with foreclosures, each have their own set of problems.  I have found many different angles to get a solution for each.

The foreclosure process is extremely nerve racking for all involved whether it be the homeowner losing their home, the investor purchasing a home, or a home buyer looking to occupy the home.  

As a consultant for many investors, I have to stay extremely alert and on top of things, to get a “Good Deal”.  We have to be able to consider the market as it is today and project where it could be tomorrow.  Will today’s “Deal” still be a good deal tomorrow? 

I truly enjoy my profession and the challenges that come with it.  I pride myself in working hard and protecting my clients.  I strive to insure each of my buyers, sellers or investors are comfortable with the outcome of our efforts.    I don’t give up until it’s over.






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